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A private shoot has been added

I have just added on my list of services due to popular demand a private shoot session. This session has been organised to be either in the privacy of your own home or a secluded private studio in the Far Forest location, the studio I have just acquired recently. The idea of this shoot is for you too loose your hair down, no inhibitions, no prying eyes, a totally confidential, secure studio where you can play out your fantasies either for your loved one to view later or loved one to join in with you, that is entirely up to you how the session plays out. There are many props in the studio as already stated and all media will be given to you on a memory stick for you to do with what you want. Its meant to be a very fun naughty session, a session I'm sure you will enjoy lots. Just email or call me to discuss your ideas so we can get started soon.

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