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New Studio

Hi there just to let everyone know that I now have access to a great studio in the Far Forest area of Bewdley. This studio is run by an award winning nature photographer from the Falklands. The guy has developed a great studio where there are the following things available for use, he has a two and a half acre woodland area, a built working waterfall and plunge pool, summerhouse by a large fish pond, an under cover hot tub, a grave yard set for the unusual shoots, a smoke machine, a snow machine, a fantastic and a fully equipped indoor studio if the weather turns on you. The studio has a huge range of clothing that is certified clean after every use, a huge amount of props and back drops and a hot shower and tea and coffee making facilities. This is the best forest studio you will find with tons of facilities that is very private, when you start your shoot, unless you need is help with anything he keeps your shoot very personal, private and unique to you with no eyes watching your every move, hence whatever type of photography you require its done in a safe, private location, rain or shine, hot or cold there is everything for everyone here, so let your wildest fantasies free at this studio and enjoy the photographic results for years to come. Get on to my booking page and lets start your journey into your dreams and fantasies.

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