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This is my first time.......

Good day to everyone in cyber world and welcome to my photography website. I will be talking on here as often as work allows chatting about my experiences of photographing petty much everything as I'm a bit of a serial picture taker. Most of them are useless, however, you always get that odd, NOW AND THEN perfect in the moment picture . I completed a great wedding shoot last week which at the moment is at the top of my photo gallery and I was lucky enough to have had a great wedding shoot with not single demanding person in sight. The shoot was mainly at The Priory ruins Dudley which is a great venue for photos especially as it was such a nice day for the family. just a note even though it was so sunny I still used a flash powered down as a fill in so there was no shadows anywhere.

Wow that is my first public chat on a blog hopefully the content will be much better as time goes on, thanks for reading and see you all soon. Karl

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